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Category: GPU

Wie schnell sind die Quadro P2000 und Quadro P4000 GPUs von NVIDIA?

Was kostet professionelle Grafikperformance? PW betrachtet die Performance der Quadro P2000 und der Quadro P4000 von NVIDIA, damit Sie entscheiden können, welche GPU Sie brauchen.


The fastest NVIDIA GPU ever: the new Pascal-based Quadro P6000

NVIDIA Quadro P6000

"P" is for Pascal : The NVIDIA Quadro professional line-up will be blessed with the latest GPU architecture... and the highest performance ever.


A small package & all the fire-power you need : The AMD FirePro W4300 GPU

FirePro W4300

Powerful graphics is hidden inside the half-height packaging of the Firepro W4300. Find out how it passes the performance bar in our Professional Workstation tests. 

Category: Workstations

HP Z: New Products, Performance, Protection, and Possibilities

HP announced the latest Z workstations with plenty of innovations. These include mobile, desktop, and rack workstations available in September and October 2020.


More Mobility for Creators? HP focuses on Gen Z to define seven new ZBook and ENVY models

HP ZBook  Studio

What is stylish, lightweight, powerful, and made for creators? HP’s new ENVY and ZBook systems. Here is a look at what’s coming from HP.


Die mobile Workstation Dell Precision 5540: sieht gut aus, ist auch sehr stark!

Die Precision 5540 sieht ebenso gut aus wie ihre Vorgänger. Wenn sie also gleich aussieht, was ist dann die Neuheit? Alles übrige! Lassen Sie uns das genauer ansehen.

Category: Applications

VRED 2021: Real Time Visualization and Raytracing Quality with Quadro RTX and Artificial Intelligence

In product design, visual quality is critical. And speed is essential. VRED 2021 customers now get raytracing quality in real time through NVIDIA’s dedicated ray-tracing RT Cores and artificial intelligence Tensor Cores.

A Quick Look at DaVinci Resolve on a Dual GPU Workstation

DaVinci Resolve 16 is strong on GPU acceleration. Here is a quick look at its performance with a high-end dual Quadro workstation.

Why Is The Artificial Intelligence Market Booming?

GPU accelerated data science & AI

Today, Artificial Intelligence is synonymous with neural networks. For decades, this was not the case. The widespread development and adoption of neural network techniques has led to a boom in AI. But why? And why now?

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