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Comparing the Quadro T2000 and the Quadro RTX 3000 – which one do you need?

Which of these GPUs do you need? Should you spend more for higher performance? Will you feel better saving money? Let’s look at the differences between these mobile GPUs.

Wie schnell sind die Quadro P2000 und Quadro P4000 GPUs von NVIDIA?

Was kostet professionelle Grafikperformance? PW betrachtet die Performance der Quadro P2000 und der Quadro P4000 von NVIDIA, damit Sie entscheiden können, welche GPU Sie brauchen.


The fastest NVIDIA GPU ever: the new Pascal-based Quadro P6000

NVIDIA Quadro P6000

"P" is for Pascal : The NVIDIA Quadro professional line-up will be blessed with the latest GPU architecture... and the highest performance ever.

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Z Desktops Revamped: New Performance & New Manageability

For the past few years, mobile workstations have been all the rage. But nothing can replace a great desktop workstation. HP is pushing out an entirely new Z desktop line along with remote management tools.

Dell Technologies Shows End-to-End Solutions at IBC 2022

Dell is essentially the only company able to provide a complete infrastructure for broadcast and film companies. Workflows that traverse on-site to data center to cloud require high-performance infrastructure support at every level. Precision workstations, PowerScale storage, PowerEdge servers, and ECS Object store deliver client computing, storage, servers, and networking for demanding customers.

Last Year, This Year, and Beyond – mobile workstation trends at HP

COVID dramatically changed our work habits and that changed the demand for mobile workstations. I spoke with David Greco at HP about the company’s response to the increased demand for mobile workstations and the trends to expect from HP this year and beyond.

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Omniverse, the workplace of the future

Unlocking the value in your production processes means creating a factory digital twin. Unlocking the value of a digital twin means bringing it to life. Omniverse is a key.

Laval Virtual – meeting VR leaders face-to-face

For the 23rd time, VR & AR experts came together in Laval. This year Laval Virtual was a hybrid event – both live and online. As Europe’s first and prominent VR/AR trade show, Laval Virtual deserves the attention of anyone working in, researching, or studying virtual and augmented reality.

How to Manage IOT at the Edge and at Scale

We want to manage data at the edge. It gives us information for making better decisions faster. It reduces IOT data storage and transfer requirements. And it can improve security. What are the challenges that we are bound to face?
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