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Category: GPU

How fast are the NVIDIA Quadro P2000 and Quadro P4000?

What is the cost of professional graphics performance? PW takes a look at NVIDIA's Quadro P2000 and Quadro P4000 performance to tell you which GPU you need.


The fastest NVIDIA GPU ever: the new Pascal-based Quadro P6000

NVIDIA Quadro P6000

"P" is for Pascal : The NVIDIA Quadro professional line-up will be blessed with the latest GPU architecture... and the highest performance ever.


A small package & all the fire-power you need : The AMD FirePro W4300 GPU

FirePro W4300

Powerful graphics is hidden inside the half-height packaging of the Firepro W4300. Find out how it passes the performance bar in our Professional Workstation tests. 

Category: Workstations

Holistic 4K Video & 360° Virtual Reality Video Workflows with Dell EMC solutions

 Dell Precision workstations are fast. Dell Isilon NAS storage is fast. Glue them together with partner-ingenuity and you get some impressive video workflow solutions. 


Dell Precision 7720 : a mobile workstation « VR Ready » and more

What happens when a workstation combines blazing fast graphics, a 4K resolution display a mobile Xeon CPU, loads of RAM and fast SSD storage? We take a look at the Precision 7720 to give you the answer.


HP Z Workstations: the next generation of power for professionals

Do you want the latest workstation packed full of technology and performance?. HP has announced a line up of desktop workstations that will make you envious.

Category: Applications

Applying Virtual Reality to Immersive CFD

Complex simulations generate large data sets. To achieve good results, engineers might predetermine their analysis. Virtual reality for analysis of large scale simulations provides a tool for greater exploration and discovery. And that can lead to better designs.


Futuristic Formula E Design; Racing Aerodynamics for Today

The motorsport experts at Spark Racing Technology needed aerodynamic expertise with fast turn-around times for the FIA Formula E racecar’s new front wing design.


Bugs that hang around - Red Frame of Death

At PW, we just came across the Red-Frame-of-Death bug for the first time. It cost a lot of time and loss of hair. And in the process of sorting out a solution, we discovered that the problem has been around for a very long time.

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