NAFEMS has a long history of accompanying simulation engineers and assisting them to arrive at solid, reliable, simulation results. NAFEMS CEO, Tim Morris discusses the history, activities, and benefits NAFEMS strives to deliver to the global simulation community. 


Paris in June 2014 - NAFEMS is running a series of regional conferences for simulation experts. As a partner of NAFEMS, PGW covered the event. We also were able to spend dedicated time with the organization's leadership.


Tim Morris discusses the roots of NAFEMS, the history of the group and how the organization's objectives continue to focus on supporting the simulation community. In this video, Mr. Morris touches on the founding of the group, the conferences and activities organized by NAFEMS, and the benefits delivered to members and the simulation community.


NAFEMS CEO, Tim Morris, talks about the organizations activities around the world and the benefits to the simulation community.




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