One and a half years after the announced intention to acquire RTT, Dassault Systèmes has fully integrated the RTT DNA into the company... Which company has been transformed more?

Dassault integrates RTT DNA : 3DXCITE is firmly entrenched in the 3D Experience Platform


Munich was the home of RTT and 3DXCITE Live! for years. It still is the home for both although RTT and Deltagen carry the Dassault “compass” logo and 3DS moniker. While the story from top executives is still about delivering “experiences” - and 3D ones at that – you would be forgiven if you thought that the roots of the French CAD and PLM giant were Bavarian. The Munich event was steeped with automotive themes and amazing visual graphics – the hallmarks of RTT and Deltagen's history.

CADplace participated at 3DEXCITE Live! to catch the latest in workstation and graphics technology from the Dell Precision and NVIDIA Quadro teams. Of course we've followed Dassault Systèmes' transformation into the “3D Experience” company for well over 3 years and we recorded some of Monica Menghini and Bernard Charlès' first explanations. 

Monica Menghini, Chief Strategy Officer, gives the 3DEXCITE keynote - see how she describes the vision of Design as a Competitive Strategy in the age of marketing experiences

The Munich event was home to traditional RTT customers, so it was not a surprise to hear Ms. Menghini and M. Charlès touting the amazing visual technology they acquired or to hear about “Design as a competitive strategy in the age of marketing experiences”. It all fits perfectly with the visualization technology from RTT which allows design decisions with detailed visual confirmation on products which are still digital dreams yet progresses all the way to advertising and showroom floor configuration tools long after the vehicles are in production. Such is the level of visual quality and the efficiencies of computer visualization based on RTT technology.

Among the highlights CADplace brings you – both keynote addresses to the attendees . Monica Menghini's full 20 minute explanation on marketing in the age of experiences as well as half an hour of complimentary, visionary thoughtfulness from CEO Bernard Charlès.

At CADplace, we understand the concept of 3DS' 3D Experience platform. It marries technology for design, simulation, visualization, and lifecycle management with business, marketing, sales, manufacturing and logistical tools. The result is a business platform. It makes perfect sense give Dassault Systèmes client base of Airbus, Boeing, defense departments around the globe, and essentially every automotive company as well. What is interesting is the strategy. At CADplace, we can see how it could make sense for Dassault to spread this platform with tailored technologies out to 12 different industries. Yet as applicable as their technology is to extremely complex development projects, we walk away from their discussions with the feeling that this is the 'if you have a hammer, every problem is a nail' approach to strategy.


Which company has been transformed more?

To answer our initial question, the RTT-cum-3DEXCITE team hasn't skipped a beat. While the fit was a natural one for Dassault Systèmes, our view is that RTT is transforming the business at 3DS and not the inverse.

Now, will this grand, French view of a “3D Experience” platform strategy carry the company to success over the next decade? Maybe. But what is clear is that Dassault Systèmes develops great technology and they know how to spend their money wisely when they decide to buy technology like that from RTT. And that means Dassault customers will have great tools and a great foundation for their product development.

And that is what you want, isn't it? 

CEO Bernard Charlès delivers the "full vision" for Dassault Systèmes; listen to his presentation and understand how the 3D Experience platform supports companies large and small in a dozen different industry segments

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