When your design needs to be perfect, then "approximations" aren't good enough. Optis understands light. And they brought together experts to discuss light, materials, colors, and design for the 2017 LMD Conference.

We all understand that we don't actually see the "thing" that we are looking at, but instead we see the light reflected from the object. For practical reasons, we don't reflect on that fact often. For Jacques Delacour, it is fundamental. And it is the foundation upon which he built his company, Optis. 


The interaction of materials and light has taken a prominent role in product design.

If you are working in product design, you want to see how design changes, particularly in material choices, will impact your product. This is a key aspect in virtual product design. Now, "pretty pictures" might be fine, later, for the marketing team and their advertising campaigns, but pretty pictures are not good enough for you. This is where Optis comes in. 


Optis specializes in simulation, visual simulation. They simulate accurately light and, naturally, the materials in your designs. The goal is to provide you the reality of your design, not just the beauty of your design. Their tools include light simulation as well as different 3D and virtual reality environments to experience your designs.


The Lighting, Materials & Design Conference

Let there be light. Light, color, materials and the associated design issues were the main topics throughout the LMD Conference in Paris. Held on the Seine in Paris, the floating conference hosted speakers sharing their experiences in color, lighting, and design. The vast majority of the conference time was dedicated to these issues. The experts from Optis provided their experience to visitors during the breaks during which a range of design and visualization systems were available. 


Workstation configurations ranged from mobile workstations for interactive systems to stand-alone virtual reality systems. The computing effort to accurately simulate light and materials is quite high, yet it is critical that the evaluation of the design be done in an environment that allows curiosity, inspection, and interaction.  The Vive Professional HMD from HTC was the VR tool of choice. The Z Space 3D stereo tablet was also part of a system for design interaction. 


Optis CEO: Jacques Delacour 


  • Jacques Delacour: Optis CEO
    • Introduction
  • Estelle Barreau: Resonances / Studio Sticknchic
    • Material trends, design concepts under the influence of sustainable development
  • Christiane Elle: Christiane Elle Produktdesign
    • Color in context
  • Justine Fox: Material Colour
    • Considering color: the branded environment
  • Gaia Crippa: Chris Lefterie Design
    • Light as material
  • Lou-Anne Boehm: Studio twins Paris
    • Innovative textile including electronics and technology
  • Francisco Miguel Martinez Verdu: University of Alicante
    • Improvement of visual rendering of color and texture
    • Visual neuro-ergonomics in naturalistic simulations
  • Pierre Maheut: Allegorithmic
    • Materials workflow for 3D rendering
  • Nicolas Dalmasso: Optis
    • Virtual reality and ray tracing for perceived quality
  • Maroun Massabki: CCT - Optech
    • Harnessing light in unexpected ways
  • Cito Piermatteo: Coverstro
    • 3D effects based on holographic film
  • Anthony Jouanin: Optis
    • Virtual material: how to ensure their real appearances



The PW Perspective

Simulating light and materials has always been harder, more interesting, and more important than just generating nice, beautiful pictures. The trend toward reality-based design visualization has accelerated during several years and this has been a boon to Optis. And Optis technology has clearly been a boon to their customers with a range of technology that accelerate the design process.   The LMD conference provides an place to meet experts in design who bring a variety of experience in dealing with design, light, and materials. The focus of the LMD Conference is on their expertise and not on the software from Optis, yet the final solutions that you might need are available for evaluation during the event. 


Save the date: The Optis LMD Conference 2018 will be in Paris on November 22, 2018

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