Business is global. Teams are global. Bringing people together costs time and money. How much could your company save with even a small reduction in travel?

Virtual Reality is today’s teleportation 

Intense discussions often precede important business decisions. Maybe a new product launch is in play or a major change in strategy. Virtual reality technology (VR) provides a means to bring information and people together without the traditional travel time and costs.

But how can your company implement a solid system and do so cost-effectively? VR-ON has a possible solution for you with their product, Stage.

Stage is a virtual environment for collaboration. Stage allows companies to bring all the relevant information into a virtual world. This could be product designs, architectural models, industrial systems, or any other digital business asset. Stage brings people together instantly whether those people consist of your internal team members or your team together with customers.


VR productivity based on standard industry tools

The menu system is intuitive and fast

Stage uses Unreal Engine as a basis to create and render virtual environments. And it supports a wide range of off-the-shelf VR headsets.

Using widely available hardware and software tools for Stage’s VR collaborative environment reduces your expense and lowers your requirements for virtual reality expertise in your company. Stage lowers your barrier to productivity.

And VR is valuable. In any project where special relationships are important, virtual reality provides an environment where exploration and design reviews have a strong impact on the final results.


Affordable, Secure Collaboration

You can transport yourself to precise locations

By combining VR with long-distance collaboration, you will gain an additional benefit: immediate time and cost savings. By saving the costs and eliminating the lost time of travel, you will see a concrete impact to your company’s bottom line.

VR-ON has opted for a subscription model for Stage. The importance to you is simple. You incur very low costs to implement VR collaboration and you only pay for virtual reality collaboration that is delivering immediate cost savings.

You can begin with a small team, and spread the benefits of VR collaboration through the company at your own pace.

In other words, spending a small amount on VR can add a lot to your bottom line… today.


Up and Running in Virtual Reality … Fast & Easy

If you are testing a demo from VR-ON, then you only need to attach a small Raspberry Pi demo device to your workstation or network. The demo device contains a couple of VR environments, and you can start to test the features available to you in your virtual environment 

Moving around in VR is lightning fast

It is easy to transport yourself around the virtual environment. Additionally, predefined locations can be defined which allow collaborators to jump to precise locations such as the driver’s seat of an automobile or in front of the counter in a café.

Multiple people can review and explore the virtual environment together. It is also possible to change the environment to explore options to the design. Manipulating the surrounding environment is done through a context-sensitive menu system. We found it to be intuitive and quick.


Building Your Virtual World


The virtual environment is built on Unreal Engine. VR-ON plans to add Unity at the end of 2018.

Unreal Engine provides many benefits for customers. Because of its popularity, you may already have team members well-versed in Unreal Engine. And if that is not the case, then you will find a large pool of talent available to support your VR projects.

The game engine also handles building the virtual environment, importing models, and realistic rendering. Of course, it is fast, too.  With the power of the game engine underlying Stage, VR-ON can focus on creating value for your company by enhancing the features available in the secure, collaborative VR environment.


The PW Perspective

VR is delivering value through an immersive 3D environment where designs for almost anything can be explored more productively. Long-distance collaboration delivers immediate savings to your business. And VR-ON’s subscription model, combined with the use of widely available VR hardware and software, dramatically lowers your cost-of-entry into the virtual reality world.

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