At PW, we just came across the Red-Frame-of-Death bug for the first time. It cost a lot of time and loss of hair. And in the process of sorting out a solution, we discovered that the problem has been around for a very long time.

Well into its 4th decade, NAFEMS continues to spread best practices in CAE. Much of the French simulation community came together in Paris on May 30th to hear from Industry leaders and exchange their own experiences.

Good automotive simulation is already hard, and it is getting harder. Ansys sees automotive simulation growth through the electrification of cars and developments in autonomous vehicles. 

Sure, augmented reality (A/R) is great for field service and support. It s also an amazingly productive tool for engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. 

What would you give to reduce machining time by 10%? By 20%?  What if you could reduce it by 50%?

JPR is excited to announce its participation at Laval, and they’d like friends and colleagues in the press to visit, have coffee and dessert. Get an update from Jon Peddie on the industry and participate in the lively discussion.

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