Do you want to know the trends in A/E/C and see a wide range of BIM solutions? Then BIM World Munich should always be on your calendar.

Technology for augmented and mixed reality moves fast. Catching up to the latest developments requires a visit to AWE 2023 in Santa Clara. Industrial apps, consumer apps, haptics, SDK tools were among the technology on display.

I love Laval Virtual. It is the most important trade show for virtual reality in Europe. Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality – Laval Virtual has all of that and more. Software or hardware, collaboration or computing, headsets or haptics: it is all at Laval Virtual.

Industry leading AEC companies gathered in Paris at BIM World Paris 2023. This multi-billion dollar growth industry attracts players of all sizes. BIM World is a great place to see the latest developments.

ChatGPT exposed the world to AI’s potential. We are watching an AI inflection-point occur before our eyes. The bottom line, however, is this: the work is just beginning, and it will be hard work, too. NVIDIA is moving now to make it easier and faster.

10,000 Microsoft employees must go – the layoff snowball is growing in the tech industry

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