NVIDIA began working with automotive customers well over 10 years ago. Today, the overall NVIDIA strategy in automotive is focused on self-driving cars.

Fujitsu collaborates with French partners to invest 50€ million into Artificial Intelligence and Deep-learning R&D. The project includes a Center of Excellence at the École Polytechnique, joint research with Inria, and building an eco-system of commercial partnerships.

NVIDIA has been building fast graphics for over 2 decades. The last 5 years have seen the company transform itself into a platform company. How did that happen?

Stratasys talks business at 3D PrintShow Paris

As 3D printing evolves, the market leader, Stratasys, adapts new strategies. The company business units focus on vertical market industries and the company technology is oriented around the design-to-manufacturing process.

Sometimes a technology or event becomes an inflection point in the business environment which changes the playing field dramatically. The Internet of Things clearly changes the competitive landscape for manufacturing companies. Find out why in this video. 

In this interview, Executive Vice President, Bill Clark, discusses CD-adapco's business, strategy, competitive advantage, market perspective, and perspective for the future.

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