Do you want to know the trends in A/E/C and see a wide range of BIM solutions? Then BIM World Munich should always be on your calendar.

BIM World Munich is a leading event for the digitalization of the construction industry in the DACH region. It attracts over 8,000 key players, startups, and more than 250 speakers. It’s a great networking platform for national and international experts in A/E/C. The annual event is held in Munich ICC and consists of a 2-day international congress on eight stages, and a trade fair with open forums.

A Quick tour of the show

You will find the latest solutions from A/E/C software companies, Autodesk, Nemetschek, Hexagon and more. The big advantage of the event is to explore the breadth of companies present. It’s simple to find new, interesting solutions and specialized companies with products and services that solve some of your difficult problems.

Here are three examples: ZWSOFT, Lenovo, and SOFiSTiK.

Lenovo was the only major workstation vendor at BIM World. This shows their dedication to professionals in A/E/C. And they weren’t just showing desktop and mobile workstations. The most interesting and potentially the most valuable solution was a complete rackable workstation solution that looks like a great fit for companies of any size.  

Lznovo rackame solutions

Basically, if your company needs more than a handful of workstations, then Lenovo rack-mounted solutions can save money and increase flexibility. Saving money is simple – the IT infrastructure is safer and easier to maintain. Flexibility comes from accessibility. Whether in the office, in the field, or in your home office, you can get to your workstation, everywhere, all the time.

Complex Simulation Solution

SOFiSTiK delivers a range of simulation products for A/E/C, focusing on BIM and FEM. Key products include:

1. SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design: FEA analysis and design within Autodesk® Revit®.
2. SOFiSTiK FEA: FEM kernel for explicit motion equations.
3. SOFiSTiK Reinforcement: Accelerates 2D reinforcement sheet creation in Revit.
4. 3D FEM professional and premium: 3D BIM analysis and design for building design, with non-linear effects and soil-structure interaction.
5. SOFiCAD: 2D reinforcement planning in AutoCAD. 

ZWCAD provides DWG compatibility guarenteed

If your projects are even a little bit more complex than average, and whose aren’t, then don’t hesitate to take a look at this specialized company.

DWG Compatible

ZWSOFT might be the number one DWG compatible design software on the market. And in A/E/C, the DWG format is the defacto standard for design. The main benefits are:

1. Compatibility with AutoCAD®: ZWCAD allows users to open, edit, and save any existing AutoCAD® file without conversion or data loss.
2. Productivity Features: These include smart tools like Smart Voice, Smart Select, Smart Mouse, and Smart Plot, which streamline the design process.
3. Affordable Price: Perhaps the most important motivation to use ZWCAD is the perpetual license. You buy the software, you own the software. Even when adding product support, the total cost saves you a fair amount of budget over an AutoCAD subscription. That’s a 2-for-1 benefit – your software (forever) and lower costs.
4. Support for Multiple Languages and APIs: ZWCAD supports 15 languages. Additionally, it supports a wide range of APIs for customization and extension.  

Sofistik develops high-level simulation products for A/E/C

If your projects are even a little bit more complex than average, and whose aren’t, then don’t hesitate to take a look at this specialized company.

A Final Perspective

Are you an expert in A/E/C and BIM? Then make sure that you put BIM World Munich on your calendar. We didn’t even touch on the conference sessions. Just the wide sampling of solutions from the exhibition make the journey to Munich well worth your time.

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