$1.3 billion in revenues is a record quarter for NVIDIA.  The results blew past their guidance and the stock price jumped over 15%. The dark clouds over the quarterly announcement were the year-on-year drops for the Quadro, Tesla, and GRID business. Why is there a silver lining?

Most of us understand what it looks like when a company decides to lay off a few 1000 people. But what does it look like when the CEO is being shown the door?

Stratasys talks business at 3D PrintShow Paris

As 3D printing evolves, the market leader, Stratasys, adapts new strategies. The company business units focus on vertical market industries and the company technology is oriented around the design-to-manufacturing process.

Sometimes a technology or event becomes an inflection point in the business environment which changes the playing field dramatically. The Internet of Things clearly changes the competitive landscape for manufacturing companies. Find out why in this video. 

In this interview, Executive Vice President, Bill Clark, discusses CD-adapco's business, strategy, competitive advantage, market perspective, and perspective for the future.

A recent study showed that 80% of companies have increased revenue through their investment in Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Is that a surprise?

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