In our pre-COVID reality, a docking monitor would be a bonus in the office. Plug in one cable and it’s off to the races. In our post-COVID reality, this docking monitor is essential in the home office. It is a monitor with a mission: keeping you connected in every sense of the word.

Where can you get a 4096x2160 resolution, constant color calibration, and custom LUTs? Check out the HP DreamColor Z31 Studio display.

When color accuracy is critical, then it is time for a DreamColor monitor. Here is a quick look at the Z31 and Z27 models.

Collaborate the old fashion way - in a conference room... but the Meetiim from Immersion, the French VR experts, gives you the conference room of the future.

Engineers and designers want more pixels just as much as graphics artists and video production professionals need them. The Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840M delivers 4K resolutions with a quality image and a good price. 

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