Mecca for GPUs, for VR, and for AI - NVIDIA' GTC ... this is where the latest technology is on display. It's not just about technology, but about solutions for practical, real-world problems. 

Solutions to problems like ray-tracing in real-time, AI solutions for self-driving cards, and complete computing infrastructures.

The GPU and technologies surrounding it are advancing computing at a pace that outstrips Moore's Law. The key is domain-specific acceleration and the power of new GPU architectures. 

NVIDIA's new Turing GPU architecture allows, for the first time, high-quality ray-tracing in real-time. The results are so impressive that Porsche's 70 year anniversary video of their new 911 is not a video at all but a real-time, ray-traced, computer-generated visual presentation.

Jensen Huang is delivering the keynote presentation and presenting the newest technology and the applications which it enables. 

The three day GTC in Munich combines conferences, workshops, presentation, and exhibits touching on advances in visual computing, AI, self-driving vehicles, and HPC. 

NVIDIA's GTC is just getting started - there is more to come!


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