Do you want the latest workstation packed full of technology and performance?. HP has announced a line up of desktop workstations that will make you envious.

Launching now with availability in October and December 2017 are the new Z workstations from HP and an interesting 4K, 10 bit, curved display. In 2017, HP has redesigned the entire line - both inside and out.  As of this writing, PW has not seen the machines first-hand and we look forward to that opportunity. But we can bring you our perspective on HP's presentation of these new systems.

HP's new Z8, Z6 & Z4 G4 generation of workstations

This is a major refresh for the high-end of the HP desktop workstation family. The company has designed these workstations according to the needs of high-end customers. Key areas HP addresses include simulation, video effects, professional visualization, and video editing. Each of these four areas make special demands on workstations and those demands can easily go far beyond the needs of an entry-level CAD & 3D modeling workstation. 

HP is also so astute as to recognize new trends impacting workstation customers. The company includes Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and Advanced Design among these trends. Machine Learning is the recognition that AI is exploding across all industries and machine learning has specific, demanding computational needs. Evidence of this is seen when a company like NVIDIA launches its own powerful AI deskside workstation (Artificial Intelligence, Ray-tracing, and a Super Computer). Virtual Reality has been with us for decades, yet the boom in quality head-mounted displays puts the demand for developing & deploying 360° stereoscopic content is now on a steep growth curve. Advanced Design is an area which doesn't have a handy label. You can think of this as a combination of generative design, simulation, 3D printing and converging workflows that increase the computing demands on a designer's or engineer's workstation. 


HP presents their systems as powerful, reliable, and meticulously designed. PW will give you the nuts & bolts of these workstations with updates right here, but the basics are as follows.


The HP Z8 G4

This is HP's most powerful workstation ever. It's the big bad monster workstation of high-end dual processor workstation designs. Given that the Z8 G4's predecessor packed in dual CPUs with 22 cores each and as much as a terabyte of main memory, you understand what HP means. This system can be configured with 2, 28 core CPUs, 3 full-sized, full-power GPUs, 3 TB of main memory, and 48 TB of storage. 


The HP Z6 G4

This system is for professionals who require dual processor capabilities with a solid surrounding orchestra of technology. It will support 2 CPUs with 28 cores. This system provides the flexibility of deploying both single and dual CPU systems within a company in an efficient design. 


The HP Z4 G4

When you need a fast, high-performance single processor desktop workstation, this is the system that HP wants you to have. You will have the latest graphics technology, loads of storage and memory, and plenty of configurability. This segment is the highest-selling model of HP workstation on the market. 


The HP Z38c 4K curved professional workstation display

 It's our opinion that everyone would die for this kind of display and PW is looking forward to getting a closer look at it. Technically, it is almost but not quite a 4K resolution display. This curved monitor has a 3840x1600 resolution. It supports 10 bit color and many high-speed connections. 


The PW Perspective

It looks like a significant workstation generation introduction for HP and for professional workstation customers. HP is correct in seeing many industry trends that increase the power that users require in their desktop workstations. This line up brings the newest technology in redesigned systems to the market and PW expects many of you will be very excited about these workstations.




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