Dell Precision workstations are fast. Dell Isilon NAS storage is fast. Glue them together with partner-ingenuity and you get some impressive video workflow solutions. 

DELL EMC can marry fast workstations with fast storage and deliver interesting workflow solutions for video professionals. Professional Workstation interviewed the Dell team at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam. Check out the PW video for the update. 


Dell storage solutions are dense, fast, and easy to manage. Dell workstations are market-leading tools for professional customers. The new company, DELL EMC, can match up these world-class solutions. At IBC 2017, the company could demonstrate a range of productive workflows for video professionals. 

Together with Autodesk, Dell showed Autodesk Flame running an uncompressed video workflow running on Precision workstations and Isilon storage solutions. 

The PW Perspective:

The Dell EMC merger provides an opportunity for the new company to deliver more value to video professionals. At IBC, the Dell EMC team worked hard to show off the key technologies relevant to video professionals.  

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