Claiming to deliver the thinnest, lightest mobile workstation in the world, HP announced the new HP ZBook 14u G5 along with the HP ZBook 15u G5. 

Thin, light, powerful: new 14" & 15" mobile workstations give you workstation power, reliability, and security while traveling. Both workstations deliver professional graphics via AMD Radeon Pro GPUs. And they both come with Intel's new quad-core 8th generation Core CPUs.  Both systems are expected to be available for purchase during February (2018) and prices will start around $1100. 

The ZBook 14u sports a 4K resolution, anti-glare, touch-screen display. The ZBook 15u allows for 2 TB of SSD storage using the HP Z Turbo Drive product. 

The newly announced ZBooks have HP's Sure View technology that allows users to restrict the visible filed of view of their workstation. This can protect work data while traveling or while in meetings.  The technology uses light-flooding to saturate and obscure the visual information at wide viewing angles. This has a small impact on battery life, however, most users will probably not be worried about this minor trade-off for better visual security. 

HP says the workstations have been certified with 24 professional software applications for CAD and design.  Testing, certification, and support for professional software applications is one of several key differentiating features of a mobile workstation.

Both workstations are loaded with connections and one of the most important is the high-speed Thunderbolt connection. Why? Because HP has also announced their G2 version of the HP Thunderbolt Dock.  The dock uses a single cable connection to the mobile workstation yet supports 2 external 4K displays and can come with an optional audio conference feature. 


The PW Perspective

The 14" and 15" mobile workstations deliver new graphics and computing technology, 4K displays, and new security features. If you are a mobile professional who needs workstation performance and workstation certifications for your applications, then it can be worth while to check out these new systems.  

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