When you do production work and need to travel, what mobile workstation do you need. Video and animation professionals need power and performance on the road. 

At IBC 2018, I had the opportunity to talk with an expert in video, animation, and special effects, Markus Bledowski, the CEO at Framefloor in Germany. Markus had been working with a Dell Precision 7730 mobile workstation that was fully equipped. He shared his perspective with me.


It's all about power and performance

Rendering video, animations, and special effects faster directly impacts productivity for media professionals. A more efficient workstation makes you more efficient and allows you to complete projects faster. This point is obvious, yet the implications can be overlooked. Namely, skimping on the cost of your workstation is a false economy. 

In our conversation, Markus underscores this point and extends it. The faster he sees the results, the faster he can reach his goal. In addition, today's applications leverage more than the CPU performance. Markus points out that his video and special effects applications are accelerated by the GPU, too. In fact, our testing at PW consistently shows that the GPU performance in video rendering is significantly more important in rendering speed improvements than the CPU performance. 


Work where you are ... or work where you need to be

The advantage of working with a mobile workstation is flexibility. And if that mobile workstation is a fully equipped mobile workstation like the Precision 7730, it allows Markus to travel to the customer and take the full performance of a desktop workstation with him.

And with that desktop-level of performance in a mobile workstation, Markus can work where ever he is: office, café, or at home. This flexibility allows him to work when ever it is productive for him, and that allows him to finish his projects faster. 


Professional workflows stress a workstation

Editing 4K or 8K video and adding 3D animations and effects is a typical workflow for Markus. The result is that he has many programs open and running simultaneously: for example, Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D, and After Effects. 

These are power-hungry applications. And power-hungry applications need the 6-core CPU, the large memory capacity, the fast storage, and the Quadro P5200 GPU. All of these systems in the workstation are important for performance. 


Keep it optimized

The Precision drives powerful apps on this 4K Dell Canvas

Even with the performance that the Precision 7730 puts into a backpack, Dell also provides a performance optimization tool known as the Dell Precision Optimizer. Dell recognizes that different high-performance applications rely on different performance aspects of the workstation. The Dell Precision Optimizer creates optimal settings for each application and then dynamically switches the system settings as Markus flips from one application to another.

When he first configured the Precision 7730, he ran performance tests on his applications. Then he enabled the optimization tool and measured a performance gain of 5 to 10%. That result gives him confidence that his system is providing the best performance possible - all of the time. 


You're only as good as your tools

Whether you consider your applications or your workstation, your productivity is tied to the performance of your professional tools.

Markus relies on software like After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Premiere Pro. And recently he has been relying on a Dell Precision 7730. Combining the high-end desktop performance in a mobile workstation form-factor gives him the benefit of having a powerful work environment where ever he goes. With the additional tools like the Precision The end result is that Markus knows that no matter what a customer demands in a project, he can rely on his software tools, as well as his workstation, to help him finish the job.


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