Keeping with the exterior design of the Precision 5530, Dell upgrades all of the key technology for the release of the Precision 5540. The system has landed on our desk. What’s our Quick Look? Read on.

Same great design. New Power on the inside.

The Precision 5540 will look very familiar to many of you. High-quality look and feel. Ample connectors. Stylish. In fact, it looks like nothing has changed. But in reality, everything has changed, … inside and sometimes, yes, outside, too.

Same external design including plenty of connectors

Let’s start with the display. Dell includes an OLED display option. The OLED display gives great blacks, provides higher contrast, delivers a wider color range, is thinner, and uses less power.

The CPU has been updated to the latest generation of Intel Core and Xeon CPUs. This includes a move from a maximum of six cores to a maximum of eight cores.

The memory speed remains at 2666 MHz, but the capacity has been increased to 64 GB.

Graphics gets a boost with Dell moving to the NVIDIA Quadro T2000 GPU. This is a Turing architecture GPU, however without Tensor cores and without RT cores.

Storage options still include one SSD drive and one HDD drive. Capacity remains the same as well.

Altogether, it looks like a nice release for Dell. The exterior design is still the same great design Dell has used for several 55x0 generations, but the technology has gotten significant updates.

This system looks to continue the focus that the Precision 55x0 line has on the style-conscious road warrior. Tune in soon for a look at the performance.

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