The American high-performance workstation company, Silverdraft Supercomputing, presented their liquid-cooled workstations at Laval Virtual for the second year running.

When your problem is time, what is the right solution? Silverdraft Supercomputing believes that the right solution is having the fastest workstation possible. Not every workstation vendor dares to build high-performance, liquid-cooled workstations, but that is what customers get at Silverdraft Supercomputing. And now, European customers have access to the company's Demon workstations.

Silverdraft Supercomputing opened its European operation in June of 2021. Kurt Doornaert brings his experience leading Barco's VR business to launch Silverdraft Supercomputing's business in Europe.

Water-cooled VR at Laval Virtual

When your liquid-cooled workstations are perhaps the fastest VR solutions on the market, then it makes sense to exhibit at Laval Virtual, Europe's most influential VR and AR event. Engaging customer after customer at Laval Virtual, Mr. Doornaert conveyed the Demon workstation's number one feature, time. 

Silverdraft Supercomputing claims to outperform the fastest of the fast workstations from competitors like Dell and HP. While we have not taken these workstations for a test drive, the combination of liquid-cooled technology and support for seven high-performance GPUs is a one-two punch that lends credibility to the Silverdraft claim.

A Silverdraft Supercomputing  liquid-cooled workstation can be your personal time machine.

A Silverdraft Supercomputing  liquid-cooled workstation can be your personal time machine.

Virtual reality in professional fields demands significant performance. Raw performance, system responsiveness, and image quality are important. Another area where customers demand extraordinary performance is in post-production. With high resolution content, special effects, and tight schedules, these customers never have time on their hands - quite the opposite. 

Another way customers save time, says Mr. Doornaert, is by re-purposing the workstations throughout a 24-hour work cycle. These powerful workstations handle more than fluid VR and fast rendering. Simulations and AI training are equally demanding requirements for many clients. 

Honestly, who would ever want to power down one of these workstations anyway?

More information

More information on the Demon workstations available at Silverdraft Supercomputing.

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