Team Texas is blasting out great new products this year. New designs, new technology, and new performance in every form-factor.

The annual Precision workstation refresh is just around the corner. The fuel that Dell is adding to the Precision workstation fire includes a refresh to the xx80 generation of mobile workstations, redesigns for the Precision desktop line, and a powerful rack workstation solution. 

Got a desk-job? Get this.

Nothing beats the power, the capacity, and the flexibility of a desktop workstation. The Precision 5860 and 7960 desktop workstations give you plenty of reasons to update your most important design and engineering tool.

Both workstations have efficient designs, high-end GPU options, and new Intel processors. These processors have up to 56 cores and handle 4TB of memory each.

The Precision 5860 is a mid-size tower workstation. Although “mid-size is misleading as it is packed with power: high end NVIDIA GPUs, 56 cores, 2 TB of memory, 56 TB of storage and a 1350 W power supply.  

The Precision 7960 Tower is the ultimate Precision desktop workstation

The Precision 7960 Tower is the ultimate Precision desktop workstation (image; Dell)

The Precision 7960 Tower is the unlimited desktop workstation. It sports up to 4 NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPUs, a 56 core CPU, 4 TB of memory, and 152 TB of storage. When you need extraordinary performance and expandability under your desk, then you need the Precision 7960 Tower.

Rack ‘em up

The Precision 7960 rack workstation delivers secure, remote-access performance (almost) without limits. Dual GPU configurations supports 2 NVIDIA RTX A6000 now and undoubtedly will add the Ada Lovelace architecture in the future. Dual CPU configurations support 2 Xeon® Platinum 8480+ CPUs – that’s 112 cores and 224 threads. Add 8 TB of memory and 128 TB of storage, and you have more performance than you can shake a stick at.

The workstation leverages Dell’s server expertise. The 2U form-factor has fast networking and redundant, hot pluggable power supplies. Dell offers a range of storage controllers and networking cards.

The Precision 7960 merges the workstation and server worlds with multiple remote access options from Teradici. These configurations assure high-performance, multi-screen workstation configurations from any location.

Performance aside, accessibility aside, the Precision 7960 protects your company’s hardware investment and intellectual property.

Amazing power. Amazing security. Amazing accessability.

Amazing power. Amazing security. Amazing accessability. (image; Dell)

The workstation sits securely in your data center, not is the shoulder-bag of your engineers. Unlike a mobile solution, or even a home-office deskside workstation, both the hardware and your intellectual property are locked up in your server room.  

Hit the road

The Precision mobile workstation line has new designs and technology upgrades that will bring performance improvements to every mobile workstation customer. Seven models advance to the xx80 generation including the Precision 3480, 3580, 3581, 5480, 5680, 7680, and 7780.

Among the many highlights, the second generation of the 14-inch 5000 series, the Precision 5480, will have two additional GPU choices. In addition to the NVIDIA RTX A1000, Precision 5480 customers can choose ADA-generation versions of the NVIDIA RTX 2000 and 3000 series GPU.

The Precision 5680 also has nice specifications. It supports ADA-generation graphics up to an RTX 5000. It also has 64 GB of memory and 4 TB of storage as well as a 13th-generation Core i9-13900H CPU. 

The Precision 5680 is Dell's most powerful thin and light workstation

The Precision 5680 is Dell's most powerful thin and light workstation (image; Dell)

It’s a big year for workstations

2023 is an important year for the workstation refresh. All three segments, desktop, rack, and mobile, are getting significant updates. That’s good news for customers. If you have been waiting to upgrade your workstation, regardless which format, it looks like now is the time.

Want more information? Download the Dell Precision 2023 Data Sheets below.

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