It may be the smallest 17-inch workstation on the market today. What technology has Dell packed into the latest thin and light 5760 model?

Which ZBook do you need? The ZBook Power is the affordable option. The ZBook Studio aims for mobile perfection. The ZBook Fury is a no-holds-barred desktop replacement. I tested all three of these ZBook G8 mobile workstations and give you results and recommendations.

At 1.79 kg, the ZBook Studio G8 is by far the lightest 15-inch workstation I’ve tested. HP goes for the cool-factor with a multicolored RGB keyboard. Performance is provided with high-end NVIDIA GPUs and fast Intel processors.

When the only focus is mobile workstation performance, HP designs the ZBook Fury. It has a slick HP design and every feature you can imagine.

This ZBook Power G8 can deliver performance. Flexible configurations help you get the power you need and still stay within your workstation budget. The upgradable design helps the ZBook Power G8 deliver performance for your projects in the future.

In 2021, another year of COVID means that the demand for mobile workstations remains high. Dell responded with next-gen GPUs and processors, Gen 4 PCIe, high-capacity SSD storage, and 5G.

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