PW's workstation hardware  survey results are in. How does your workstation compare?

Everyone wants the best hardware at the best price - but that is just the start of your IT costs. Fujitsu helps customers save money on the rest, too.

Dell's stylish mobile workstation

Production begins for the new, stylish mobile workstation from Dell. More performance in a smaller package with a beautiful design and a geeky name. This is the Dell Precision 15 5510 mobile workstation.

Dell releases a major update to the Precision workstation line-up. The big news : new mobile workstation models from top-to-bottom. They are slimmer, lighter, more powerful, and... the new models will bring mobile Intel Xeon CPUs to the market.

What does this means for designers and engineers? It means the future of workstations will be in the cloud with powerful, remote workstations in the data center and accessed anywhere and on any device.

Every workstation can be tuned for the best performance on a particular application. But what about multiple applications? And can you do that? Automatically? Easily? Check out the Dell Performance Optimizer for your workstation.

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