The HP Studio ZBook looks good and it has enough horse-power to get the job done while you are out of the office.


Small form-factor workstations used to present customers with a number of trade-offs. Today, that is (almost) no longer the case. 

Automotive design or ground transportation design and high-performance simulation go hand-in-hand. Often times a high-end workstation or even a local group of high-end workstations will no longer do the job. If you are looking for HPC solutions, what should you be thinking about? HPE tries to give customers some ideas. 

The CELSIUS H760 is more than a desktop replacement mobile workstation. It is the ultimate hotrod-workstation for engineers on the go.   

25 Years of Workstations

Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations have one of the longest pedigree in professional workstations and continue to deliver value and performance to customers after two and a half decades.

Intel's "Skylake" Xeon at 3.7 GHz, NVIDIA Quadro M4000, 64 GB of memory, 27 TB of storage - those specs are some kind of special "entry-level".

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