The 2017 generation of mobile and entry level CELSIUS workstations are receiving a refresh. That refresh includes the latest graphics technology and processor solutions on the market today along with a healthy dose of engineering work to bring you small, powerful, certified mobile and desktop workstations.

VR technology is expanding its footprint from powerwalls and specialized CAVES. Head-mounted Displays like the HTC Vive will take VR to the engineering and designer desktop.

Professional designers and engineers always need power. VR for professional applications takes your thirst for power to another level. That could have chained you your desk – until now.

What do VR applications, artificial intelligence for product development, and autonomous survey drones have in common? A need for fast, multiple GPU workstations.

NVIDIA Quadro P6000

"P" is for Pascal : The NVIDIA Quadro professional line-up will be blessed with the latest GPU architecture... and the highest performance ever.

FirePro W4300

Powerful graphics is hidden inside the half-height packaging of the Firepro W4300. Find out how it passes the performance bar in our Professional Workstation tests. 

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