Mobile desktop-replacement workstations are shoulder-bag powerhouses. Traditionally, there have been a 15-inch model and a 17-inch model in this product category. HP ditched that idea creating a single 16-inch ZBook Fury G9 mobile workstation. The result looks great.

The ZBook Fury G9 desktop-replacement workstation shrinks to a 16-inch format while the specs take a step up. Here is a quick look at the ZBook Fury G9 mobile workstation from HP.

Dell is essentially the only company able to provide a complete infrastructure for broadcast and film companies. Workflows that traverse on-site to data center to cloud require high-performance infrastructure support at every level. Precision workstations, PowerScale storage, PowerEdge servers, and ECS Object store deliver client computing, storage, servers, and networking for demanding customers.

A blazing fast, 64-core, 128-thread 4.5 GHz CPU is wrapped inside an expansive chassis with a fat GPU, loads of memory, and plenty of storage. I just tested the CARRI VD995WX workstation with AMD’s latest processor and graphics. To call it a monster would be an understatement.

The first 14-inch Precision 5000 mobile workstation defines new levels of mobility with surprising performance. It might be small, but it has great specs.

The American high-performance workstation company, Silverdraft Supercomputing, presented their liquid-cooled workstations at Laval Virtual for the second year running.

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