3D Print Show Paris 2015

As 3D printing technology advances, it supports more designers and engineers at more points in their projects. The 2015 Paris 3D Print Show delivered that image - literally from art to part. 


Vendors and providers of 3D printing products covered the show floor at the Carrousel du Louvre. The market leader, Stratasys was the primary sponsor this year, and PW interviewed Eric Bredin on the company strategy. Well-known companies in the French 3D printing market were on-hand as well.  And some very capable artists showcased their works during the event. 


Stratasys expands from rapid prototyping

The market leader has a long history in providing rapid prototyping technologies for industrial clients. The Connex technology demonstrates their expertise : it allows multiple color, multiple material parts. The features have been tuned to the product development prototyping market over the years.  The company has pushed out its technology and product lines in both directions from this product-verification prototyping capability. The Stratasys Mojo line and the entry-level Objet products give product development teams the ability to product early conceptual design prototypes fast and in-house. Further down the product development workflow, the Fortus FDM 3D printers produce final manufactured parts. Conceptual design, product verification, and manufacturing are all significant targets for Stratasys.


PW interviewed Eric Bredin from Stratasys - you will find the article and video here: 3D printing business evolves at Stratasys


From Art to Part

It was my good fortune to bump into Ryan Buyssens off the show floor where we could have more time and a concrete discussion about his work and his art. Ryan came to Paris presenting his interactive work, Resistance. 

"Resistance" by Ryan Buyssens combines multiple disciplines from 3D modeling to material science to 3D printing


This exhibit consists of staged lighting, area sensors, and mechanical structures to create a uniquely individual and interactive exhibit for each visitor. For Ryan, who is Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Applied Design at the School of Visual Arts and Design at the University of Central Florida, "Resistance" integrates every area of his artistic and technical interests. The work involves 3D modeling, electronics, 3D-printing, CNC machining, painting, paper folding, mechanism design and material science.  You can find more details on his project at http://systemsfail.com/ 


As for "Parts", companies like Arketyp3D presented the latest advances for visitors to the show. Arketyp3D is a specialist providing Envisiontec3D products to French markets. The technology allows the company to focus on multiple, diverse, markets including the dental market, engineering consulting companies, automotive and aerospace companies as well as jewelry developers. You can find more information at: http://arketyp3d.com/ 

New 3D printing technologies have allowed Arketyp3D to supply divers customers from dental markets to automotive


The 3D Print Show in 2016

PW cornered event organizer, Kerry Hogarth, for a couple of minutes to learn about the future plans. 2016 will see the 3D Print Show consolidate multiple events in Europe and North America into one event in Amsterdam and one event in California.  This seems to be a natural transition which will allow for more significant, deeper, and broader coverage of the 3D Printing industry in 2016.  It's quite simple to keep up to date with the changes at http://3dprintshow.com/ 


The PW Perspective

2014 & 2015 were not the easiest years for this booming technology. In spite of that, product design and manufacturing companies have an increasing number of options for materials, print envelopes, printing techniques, and service companies. The ability to easily and quickly turn a 3D design into a part in your hands - or in the hands of a customer on the other side of the globe - is advancing rapidly. If your company has not yet taken the time to investigate how these products and services can make your projects more efficient throughout your product design and development processes, then you need to pause and spend the effort now. 

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