EOS in Germany has teamed up with a German partner to monitor quality during the build process which reduces production risks and improves quality processes.


The EOSTATE MeltPool Monitoring is and add-on from the industrial 3D printing experts at EOS. The process monitors the process during Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS) builds. it analyses the build for each point & each layer thereby monitoring the build process for each part. 


Given the company focus on industrial 3D printing applications and their experience in metal printing, it is not surprising that EOS recognized the need for improved quality processes. Every manufacturing engineer understands the need for thorough, traceable quality processes. 


EOS cooperated with Plasmo Industrietechnik GmbH to develop the process which directly observes the build process using photodiodes, a camera adapter, a signal amplifier, and spectral filters.  The physical observation data is analysed using multiple algorithms and 2D & 3D mappings. 


The quality parameters are set by the user according to their requirements. The tool provides live monitoring and allows customers to automatically identify potential build errors. This reduces quality assurance costs as well as provides companies with detailed information about the 3D printed part's creation. 



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