At Formnext 2015 EOS presented the new EOS M 100 3D printer. It enables customers to enter into direct metal 3D printing with an affordable investment.


The new product is based on the technology offered in the EOS M 290 which is already established in the market. The device uses a round print envelope of 100mm.  An example provided on the show floor was the production of 70 dental crowns & bridges in about 3 hours. 


The EOS M 100 produces chrome and stainless steel parts now, and will be able to produce Titanium Ti64 parts when the material is available in 2016.  The company claims that the 200 W fibre laser has a beam quality and stability which allows for consistent, quality parts. They combine this with a smaller laser spot that has a very detailed resolution. The combination enables the EOS M 100 to produce small, complex pieces. 


The company has tried to address production requirements by creating peripheral equipment which supports industrial production and minimizes powder contact. EOS has developed an efficient recoatng and exposure strategy which reduces overhead time in production. The system also has a modular design which facilitates quick setup and dismantling. 


As the product is based on the EOS M 290, PW is hopeful that the new EOS M 100 will benefit from the EOSTATE Meltpool Monitoring product for 3D print build real-time monitoring and analysis. 



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