Les simulations complexes génèrent de grands ensembles de données. Pour obtenir de bons résultats, les ingénieurs peuvent prédéterminer leur analyse. La réalité virtuelle pour l’analyse de simulations à grande échelle fournit un outil permettant une meilleure exploration et une découverte plus poussée. Et ceci peut conduire à de meilleures conceptions.

Sure, augmented reality (A/R) is great for field service and support. It s also an amazingly productive tool for engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. 

JPR is excited to announce its participation at Laval, and they’d like friends and colleagues in the press to visit, have coffee and dessert. Get an update from Jon Peddie on the industry and participate in the lively discussion.

Virtual prototyping entails looking at a design, virtually built, in every aspect. That implies much more than realistic rendering. For Virtence GmbH customers like Volkswagen and Audi, virtual prototyping means simulating, visualizing and interacting with the design.

One and a half years after the announced intention to acquire RTT, Dassault Systèmes has fully integrated the RTT DNA into the company... Which company has been transformed more?

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