Intel looks to launch new many-core Xeon E5 processors in just a few days. These Broadwell-EP processors will have 18% better performance and 20% more cores.


The new Intel Xeon E5-2600 V4 processors will add performance for high-end, dual-processor workstations.  A top-of-the-line simulation or rendering workstation can have 36 cores today. With the new generation, that number will surpass 40 cores. 

Intel launching Broadwell-EP V4
Intel plans 20% more cores, faster memory support, a larger cache on a 14 nm process

An Intel presentation provided a peek into the new release. The new Xeon E5 2600 family will be produced on Intel's 14 nm process. This will provide for 20% more cores.

PW will be interested to see the maximum number of cores per CPU which is important to pack as much power as possible into a workstation for simulation, rendering and video special effects.

Intel's information shows the launch date of March 31st - just a few days from now. The new CPUs will improve resource monitoring and allocation abilities in addition to more cache and more cores. 

It appears that a product page for the HP Z640 workstation was prematurely visible showing that these HP workstations will support the new processors. It is reasonable to expect the processors will appear in dual-processors in workstations from every vendor. 

Stay tuned for the coming announcements.

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