The Precision 5760 looks to be the most compact 17-inch workstation on the market. It has a stylish design and a quality feel. Topping it all off, it slips into the sleeve of my 15-inch workstation while packing a desktop-performance punch.

The Precision 5760 is a pleasure to use

It is hard to know where to start. Every workstation user has their favorite features and pet-peeves.

Personally, power comes in at the top of the list, but it hardly ends there. The 5760 delivers on power with a high-end spec and excellent performance.

It is definitely a mobile workstation. I love the 17-inch display with its 16-to-10, 3840x2400 resolution display which gives me that little extra screen real estate. Yet the Precision 5760 is small enough and light enough that I head to the sofa with it regularly. Comfort and productivity combine for a great workday.  

The touchpad is large, sensitive, and easy to use.

The touchpad is large, sensitive, and easy to use.

I really like the Precision 5760’s large and sensitive touchpad. My main workstation is a mobile workstation, and I am a touchpad guy. I don’t need the extra mouse-buttons on a touchpad, and I definitely do not need the touch stick in the middle of the keyboard. The Precision 5760 has neither, so it is a good match for me. 

When we talk about mobile workstation weight, we must include the power supply. Who doesn’t travel with the power supply in their bag? The 130W power supply is one of the smallest and lightest that I have seen in this class of mobile workstation.

Styling? It’s a beautiful system with smooth, rounded edges, and a quality feel. The system glides open with a firm touch which tells you that this workstation will last.  

Once it is open, all you see is display. That is thanks to Dell’s InfinityEdge monitor which is one of the design secrets used to keep this workstation compact. The entire workstation cover is display once opened. The small Dell logo has disappeared from the bottom of the display, and the resolution has been increased to 3840x2400 – a 16-to-10 aspect ratio. 

The workstation’s cover is 100% display when opened.

The workstation’s cover is 100% display when opened.

The workstation display supports a low blue light mode in hardware. This delivers clean colors, and it is a nice feature for the home office since working from home often means working at night.

The speakers sound great, and the hand rest area has a quality feel. Cooling on the Precision 5760 uses one vent on the bottom of the system and another that is stashed in the hinge for the display. The system was quiet even when running some demanding tests. 

The Precision 5760 has a compact and clean design so don’t expect every possible network, display, or USB port.

Dell designed the 5760 with 4 Thunderbolt ports and an SD card reader. This configuration nails the performance requirement and the size limitation. That works fine for me.

Dell doesn’t leave users in the connectivity-dessert, however. Every Precision 5760 workstation ships with Dell’s D20 dongle that connects Thunderbolt ports to HDMI displays and USB peripherals. 

Connectivity on the Precision 5760 is compact and delivers high-performance.

Connectivity on the Precision 5760 is compact and delivers high-performance.

A Final Perspective

Do you want power married to style in a thin and light workstation? The Precision 5760 workstation is a pleasure to use. It delivers 17-inch workstation power in a beautiful design that beats some 15-inch workstations in size and weight.

The Precision 5760 has impressive capacity, like 8 TB of fast SSD storage, for such a small mobile workstation. The GPU and CPU technology are top-shelf and deliver exceptional power.

The 3840x1200 17-inch display is a pleasure to work with. Once opened, the keyboard, touchpad, and speakers are high-quality, and the connectivity is convenient and high-performance.

When considering options for a new mobile workstation, we often begin with the perspective that no system is perfect, but this Precision 5760 might change that point of view.

The Precision 5760 is a joy to work with, and if you do, you just might fall in love with it. 

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