Technology for augmented and mixed reality moves fast. Catching up to the latest developments requires a visit to AWE 2023 in Santa Clara. Industrial apps, consumer apps, haptics, SDK tools were among the technology on display.

I love Laval Virtual. It is the most important trade show for virtual reality in Europe. Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality – Laval Virtual has all of that and more. Software or hardware, collaboration or computing, headsets or haptics: it is all at Laval Virtual.

Industry leading AEC companies gathered in Paris at BIM World Paris 2023. This multi-billion dollar growth industry attracts players of all sizes. BIM World is a great place to see the latest developments.

ChatGPT exposed the world to AI’s potential. We are watching an AI inflection-point occur before our eyes. The bottom line, however, is this: the work is just beginning, and it will be hard work, too. NVIDIA is moving now to make it easier and faster.

Intel’s CEO, Bob Swan, will step down on February 15th. The Intel veteran and current VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger, will return to the company as his replacement.

La visualisation professionnelle approche le milliard de dollars de revenus et établit un record au sein de NVIDIA avec une croissance de 12 % sur l’année. Le marché du gaming stimule les revenus et le marché des centres de données stimule la croissance.

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