When color accuracy is critical, then it is time for a DreamColor monitor. Here is a quick look at the Z31 and Z27 models.

Accurate color, period.

The DreamColor Z31 and Z27 monitors are for professionals who need accurate color. Period.  HP describes these customers as “color professionals” for the DreamColor Z27 and as “elite color professionals” for the DreamColor Z31.

The displays are high-end, 10-bit displays. They calibrated on-demand or on-schedule – it’s up to you to decide, then the display does the rest. Both DreamColor monitors have a built-in colorimeter.

HP DreamColor displays have an integrated colorimeter

And both are high-end displays based on IPS LCD technology. The IPS displays have a wide viewing angle (178°) and IPS technology provides some of the most accurate color in the industry.  Notably, the displays have high contrast levels, and IPS provides better display of blacks.

With 10-bit color, the DreamColor monitors provide over one billion colors. The DreamColor technology allows customers to load custom LUTs and this same technology is found in HP printers which makes color workflows from creation to print faster and more accurate with assured final color results.

As for the elite vs normal color professionals, the first differences to notice beyond display size are the cinema 4K resolution (4096x2160) for the Z31 vs the quad HD resolution (2560x1440) for the Z27.

HP has a history of working with high-end professionals in film and graphics. It is not a surprise that the company offers specialized displays which better meet the needs of their more demanding clients.

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