In product design, visual quality is critical. And speed is essential. VRED 2021 customers now get raytracing quality in real time through NVIDIA’s dedicated ray-tracing RT Cores and artificial intelligence Tensor Cores.

DaVinci Resolve 16 is strong on GPU acceleration. Here is a quick look at its performance with a high-end dual Quadro workstation.

GPU accelerated data science & AI

Today, Artificial Intelligence is synonymous with neural networks. For decades, this was not the case. The widespread development and adoption of neural network techniques has led to a boom in AI. But why? And why now?

Browse the latest Covid-19 statistics with OmniSci's Covid-19 dashboard.

 What are the special viewer requirements for productive collaboration on large-scale design projects?

The leading event in industrial automation takes place every year in Nuremberg. Among the highlights to expect are solutions in digital twin solutions for existing infrastructure, IoT platforms for PLM systems, and virtual reality and augmented reality as digital manufacturing assistants.

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