Professional visualization approaches $1 billion in revenue and sets a record at NVIDIA with 12% growth year-over-year. The Gaming market leads revenue & the Data Center market leads growth.

AMD finishes its first year of profitability since 2011 on improvements in the PC market. That is truly an accomplishment where analysts should be saying, "it's about time". 

Intel reported record results for 2017 and the fourth quarter on Thursday (Januarary 25, 2018). The PC market may be slowing, but it is a cash-cow. In the meantime, Intel pins its hopes on AI and autonomous vehicles.

NVIDIA began working with automotive customers well over 10 years ago. Today, the overall NVIDIA strategy in automotive is focused on self-driving cars.

Fujitsu collaborates with French partners to invest 50€ million into Artificial Intelligence and Deep-learning R&D. The project includes a Center of Excellence at the École Polytechnique, joint research with Inria, and building an eco-system of commercial partnerships.

If your day-to-day tool is a powerful workstation, then the chances are very good that you need high-performance computing as well. Philippe Trautmann of Hewlett Packard Enterprise talks to PW about the changes he sees in the market today.

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