A blazing fast, 64-core, 128-thread 4.5 GHz CPU is wrapped inside an expansive chassis with a fat GPU, loads of memory, and plenty of storage. I just tested the CARRI VD995WX workstation with AMD’s latest processor and graphics. To call it a monster would be an understatement.

Walking into CARRI Systems, I was greeted, offered an espresso, and soon thereafter, found myself in front of the fastest workstation around. Benchmarks, applications, and projects were loaded. I was ready for the real fun.

The Threadripper Pro blows everything else out of the water. The Radeon Pro W6800 is lightning fast and there is room to add two more GPUs.

If your work is in high-end video editing, special effects, machine learning, or engineering simulation, then how and where could you find a faster system? 

CARRI Systems: specialists in “Tailor-Made”

The team at CARRI Systems believe that every customer is important. This philosophy drives the company to do business differently.

No matter the size of your purchase order, CARRI is committed to providing the best solution for your problems. The CARRI team works with customers to fine tune performance for their applications and workflows.

Let’s start with the base configuration for the VD995WX workstation: 

The Ryzen Threadripper 5995WX is the fastest workstation CPU you will find

The Ryzen Threadripper 5995WX is the fastest workstation CPU you will find

Arnaud Touré from AMD goes into detail on the VD995WX workstation

Need expandability? Memory capacity is 2 TB. The workstation can have three Radeon Pro W6800 GPUs.

Storage is practically unlimited. All of this is without needing to add a second CPU in order to increase memory or PCI Express capacity

Even if your workstation needs are extremely high-end, CARRI can build a system that works for you. 

Powerful Technology

The heart of this workstation is the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX CPU. The base clock speed is 2.7 GHz with a maximum clock speed of 4.5 GHz. It sports 64 cores and 128 threads. Each core has up to 32 MB of Level 2 cache. It’s fast.

It supports 128 lanes of PCI Express Generation 4 which allows for expansion for graphics, storage, and other peripherals. The Ryzen processor offers the latest AMD security and management features as well.

The AMD Radeon Pro W6800 complements the Ryzen processor. It has 32 GB of graphics memory and six 4K display outputs. Like the CPU, the GPU supports PCI Express Generation 4 and implements an innovative PCI Express cache system to increase the graphics bandwidth.  

Multi-processing Performance

The multithreading performance on the new 5995WX is impressive with an outstanding score on the Cinebench R23 CPU benchmark. It delivers a score just over 72,000 which is 2X faster than the next fastest result (also an AMD processor)!

On Viewperf 2020 V3.0, the GPU is isolated for performance and has top-notch scores across all the tests. This includes a whopping 236 FPS on the Maya dataset and 314 FPS on the Siemens NX dataset.

In the video rendering test, the VD995WX workstation renders a 1-minute scene with three 4K video stream and the applied effects in 1 minute and 10 seconds. That is essentially real-time performance for the final render of a complex composition. 

One or more Radeon Pro W6800 GPUs is a perfect compliment to the Threadripper Pro

One or more Radeon Pro W6800 GPUs is a perfect compliment to the Threadripper Pro

Which users need this much power?

Naturally, not everyone needs this much power. On the other hand, professionals working in high-end video and special effects, users working in data processing for machine learning, or those engineers using high-end, complex simulation, will be excited to have this much horsepower sitting beside them.

If you need this level of multiprocessing power, great graphics performance, and extensive expandability, then you won’t find another workstation that beats CARRI Systems’ VD955WX tower workstation.  

The perspective from CARRI Systems

CARRI Systems’ CEO, Franck Darmon, explains yet another reason customers should consider a VD995WX workstation or other solutions from the company. Internally, CARRI Systems has a driving philosophy: Every customer is important.

It doesn’t matter the size of your company. CARRI will work with you to provide the right solution. They will work to tune your system to your workloads. That level of care helps you and your company be as productive as possible.  

A Final Perspective

The technology in the VD995WX, especially the AMD processor, shatters performance barriers. With 64 cores, 128 threads running as fast as 4.5 GHz, The Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX has no equal in professional workstations today. It does rip through rendering and simulation tasks.

The 32 GB Radon Pro W6800 is the second half of the CPU-GPU performance tag team. It easily handles challenging graphics applications. If your projects could benefit from even more GPU power, the VD995WX offers ample expansion capacity for extra GPUs.

Finally, discussions with the team at CARRI Systems shows that they focus on every customer, large and small, with the same level of dedication in order to deliver the right customer solution at the highest level of performance.

So, if you need a monster workstation today, it looks like this AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro workstation is an excellent choice.  

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