Professional visualization approaches $1 billion in revenue and sets a record at NVIDIA with 12% growth year-over-year. The Gaming market leads revenue & the Data Center market leads growth.

AMD finishes its first year of profitability since 2011 on improvements in the PC market. That is truly an accomplishment where analysts should be saying, "it's about time". 

Intel reported record results for 2017 and the fourth quarter on Thursday (Januarary 25, 2018). The PC market may be slowing, but it is a cash-cow. In the meantime, Intel pins its hopes on AI and autonomous vehicles.

EPS rise 126%. Gross Margins hover at 60%. Professional Visualization business healthy. Datacenter growth explodes.

High fidelity visualization & virtual reality will drive demand in professional graphics.

$1.3 billion in revenues is a record quarter for NVIDIA.  The results blew past their guidance and the stock price jumped over 15%. The dark clouds over the quarterly announcement were the year-on-year drops for the Quadro, Tesla, and GRID business. Why is there a silver lining?

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