Die Motorsport-Experten von Spark Racing Technology benötigten aerodynamisches Know-how mit kurzen Bearbeitungszeiten für das neue Design des vorderen Kotflügels für den FIA Formel‑E Rennwagen.

Seit mehr als drei Jahrzehnten ist NAFEMS kontinuierlich dabei, Best-Practice in CAE zu verbreiten. Ein großer Teil der französischen „Simulation Community“ kam am 30. Mai in Paris zusammen, um den Branchenführern zu lauschen und eigene Erfahrungen auszutauschen.

Good automotive simulation is already hard, and it is getting harder. Ansys sees automotive simulation growth through the electrification of cars and developments in autonomous vehicles. 

More CAE applications are supporting GPU computing. Siemens and Dassault Systemes use OpenCL to optimize simulation problems and deliver higher performance.

NAFEMS has a long history of accompanying simulation engineers and assisting them to arrive at solid, reliable, simulation results. NAFEMS CEO, Tim Morris discusses the history, activities, and benefits NAFEMS strives to deliver to the global simulation community. 

The makers of MatLab and Simulink brought their expertise to the French audience as the company expands it's MatLab Expo. Expertise from large industrial companies like Airbus and GDF as well as representatives of French universities was on display during a full agenda of keynote speeches and industry segment sessions.

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