For the past few years, mobile workstations have been all the rage. But nothing can replace a great desktop workstation. HP is pushing out an entirely new Z desktop line along with remote management tools.

Dell is essentially the only company able to provide a complete infrastructure for broadcast and film companies. Workflows that traverse on-site to data center to cloud require high-performance infrastructure support at every level. Precision workstations, PowerScale storage, PowerEdge servers, and ECS Object store deliver client computing, storage, servers, and networking for demanding customers.

COVID dramatically changed our work habits and that changed the demand for mobile workstations. I spoke with David Greco at HP about the company’s response to the increased demand for mobile workstations and the trends to expect from HP this year and beyond.

If you need a workstation for your work, then you (1) probably haven’t seen your office in 14 months, and (2) might only see your office 50% of the time this coming year. The workstation solution that you needed then is the same one you’re going to need in the future.

Based on last year’s new stylish industrial design, HP adds the latest technology inside their ZBook line up for 2021.

The Precision 5000 series has a new member. The Dell team released a new, smaller Precision 5550 and they added an all new 17-inch Precision 5750. Is one of these right for your work?

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