A blazing fast, 64-core, 128-thread 4.5 GHz CPU is wrapped inside an expansive chassis with a fat GPU, loads of memory, and plenty of storage. I just tested the CARRI VD995WX workstation with AMD’s latest processor and graphics. To call it a monster would be an understatement.

The first 14-inch Precision 5000 mobile workstation defines new levels of mobility with surprising performance. It might be small, but it has great specs.

The American high-performance workstation company, Silverdraft Supercomputing, presented their liquid-cooled workstations at Laval Virtual for the second year running.

The Precision 5760 looks to be the most compact 17-inch workstation on the market. It has a stylish design and a quality feel. Topping it all off, it slips into the sleeve of my 15-inch workstation while packing a desktop-performance punch.

While it is compact, it is packed with powerful technology. The changes in GPU, CPU, memory, and storage increase the power of the Precision 5760.

It may be the smallest 17-inch workstation on the market today. What technology has Dell packed into the latest thin and light 5760 model?

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