Claiming to deliver the thinnest, lightest mobile workstation in the world, HP announced the new HP ZBook 14u G5 along with the HP ZBook 15u G5. 

How can workstation designs improve? When the design engineers think through their product design again and again, they find innovative improvements. Design changes in this workstation allow you to remove and replace parts fast.

More than 10,000 visitors from over 80 countries journeyed to Munich, Germany for the expertise in Tech, Data Center, Security, AI, IoT, R&D, & IT services they can expect to find at Fujitsu. For PW, the draw is always workstation technology and the applications that spawn from it. We had a look at A/R, V/R and a lot of workstation tech at the Fujitsu Forum 2017.

Engineers, designers, researchers and creative professionals are a diverse group of workstation customers. Their workstation requirements are equally divers. 

 Dell Precision workstations are fast. Dell Isilon NAS storage is fast. Glue them together with partner-ingenuity and you get some impressive video workflow solutions. 

What happens when a workstation combines blazing fast graphics, a 4K resolution display a mobile Xeon CPU, loads of RAM and fast SSD storage? We take a look at the Precision 7720 to give you the answer.

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