ChatGPT exposed the world to AI’s potential. We are watching an AI inflection-point occur before our eyes. The bottom line, however, is this: the work is just beginning, and it will be hard work, too. NVIDIA is moving now to make it easier and faster.

NVIDIA announced solid financial results at the end of a difficult year. But more interesting than gross margins or Q4 sales is NVIDIA’s view on artificial intelligence and the company’s efforts to make AI development accessible.

Generative AI applications like ChatGPT have shown the world the potential of artificial intelligence. NVIDIA’s GPU and networking technologies lay at the core of the world’s fastest AI super computers. The company has spent a decade building software and hardware solutions that give you integrated, productive AI development environments.

So, they understand the AI development problems companies face today.

During its recent financial results call, NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang told the financial community that NVIDIA’s DGX AI Supercomputer will be available in the cloud. NVIDIA DGX Cloud is now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Microsoft Azure and Google GTP were named as additional providers of NVIDIA DGX Cloud. 

What does it mean?

DGX Cloud is a simple name for a complete and complex AI development infrastructure. The bottom line? NVIDIA’s goal is to provide an instant-on switch for AI development.

Many workstation users are already using AI tools. DaVinci Resolve’s Neural Engine brings AI tools to bear on video processing and special effects. What is changing before our eyes is the accelerating quantity and deployment of AI tools.

Workstation users already have access to high-performance AI development machines. Just look at the recently announced HP Z8 Fury. Your companies are now or will be developing AI tools, products, and services.

DGX Cloud will expand access beyond in-house resources if-and-when you need it.

Stay tuned. 

A Data Science Workstation from HP: HP Z8 Fury (image: HP)

A Data Science Workstation from HP: HP Z8 Fury (image: HP)

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