EOS in Germany has teamed up with a German partner to monitor quality during the build process which reduces production risks and improves quality processes.

At Formnext 2015 EOS presented the new EOS M 100 3D printer. It enables customers to enter into direct metal 3D printing with an affordable investment.

We profiled the performance for 3ds max image quality settings and found zero performance penalty. Find out why.

Why does a CAD & PLM company invest in the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, and Augmented Reality? It could be due to a vision of a new "digital twin" where the digital and the real come together, interact, and are - literally - linked together.

3D Print Show Paris 2015

As 3D printing technology advances, it supports more designers and engineers at more points in their projects. The 2015 Paris 3D Print Show delivered that image - literally from art to part. 

Virtual prototyping entails looking at a design, virtually built, in every aspect. That implies much more than realistic rendering. For Virtence GmbH customers like Volkswagen and Audi, virtual prototyping means simulating, visualizing and interacting with the design.

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