In product design, visual quality is critical. And speed is essential. VRED 2021 customers now get raytracing quality in real time through NVIDIA’s dedicated ray-tracing RT Cores and artificial intelligence Tensor Cores.

DaVinci Resolve 16 is strong on GPU acceleration. Here is a quick look at its performance with a high-end dual Quadro workstation.

GPU accelerated data science & AI

Today, Artificial Intelligence is synonymous with neural networks. For decades, this was not the case. The widespread development and adoption of neural network techniques has led to a boom in AI. But why? And why now?

GPU accelerated data science & AI

Are you working on a project in AI, data science, or HPC? If the answer is yes, then the odds are good that your computing can be GPU accelerated. You need the right solution - both hardware and software. An NVIDIA Data Science Workstation is the answer.

Browse the latest Covid-19 statistics with OmniSci's Covid-19 dashboard.

 What are the special viewer requirements for productive collaboration on large-scale design projects?

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